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No matter what you want to photograph, Stephanie is your number one choice for Milwaukee photographers who can truly capture the moments you desire to remember.  You’ll never regret a purchase that allows you to capture some of the most precious moments of your life and forever share the memories with friends and family.

Stephanie can truly make your family photo shoot hassle free and a joyful experience.

Thank you so much for taking the time to inquire with Munchkin Moments by Stephanie LLC. Munchkin Moments is a full-service photography studio that creates a custom portrait experience for each and every client.  Each Signature Session is a 45-60 minute outdoor/on location session during good weather months and is scheduled 1-2 hours prior to sunset.  Studio sessions are also available throughout the year.  Amount of images given for each session is solely dependent on the cooperation of the photography subjects, however it is easy for me to get lots of great shots whether it's your babies loving on you, singing songs together, dance parties, snuggle time and more.  If you are looking for real life moments with the loves of your life, you've come to the perfect place, I take a photojournalistic approach to my sessions.  No worries, I'll still try to get everyone to look and smile for a few photos!  Signature Sessions are great for those kids that take a bit to warm up to strangers with a big camera pointing at them, lol ;), especially if you are joining me for the first time!  I want your child(ren) to feel comfortable around me and I will take the time for them to adjust, my priority for you as my client is to make sure you love all of your images.  Signature Sessions time is scheduled at least 1 hour prior to sunset.

I believe that people should only have what they love and will cherish forever, so there are multiple collections to choose from, including the mini session option. I also provide payment plans to ensure that my clients feel comfortable purchasing the images and products they love at such a special time in their lives. Munchkin Moments retains the copyright to the images, but your final gallery will include a print release for you to print your images as you choose.  


step 1: session retainer fee paid to secure portrait date.


session retainer fee (non-refundable) | $100

session retainer fee is due at the time of booking to reserve your date and is non-refundable.


Guarantee Session Time
Photographer's time and creative talent
Session styling to help you choose coordinating outfits 

Use of props/benches, etc from Studio
Custom editing of your images

View and Order session 14-21 days after your session (can be done online)


    step 2: which type of  session fits your needs?


{signature sessions}
**choose your signature session collection below at step 4**

Family Portrait Session
scheduled 1-2 hours prior to sunset
45-60 minute outdoor/on location session


Generation Series Portrait Session
The Generation Series is a session where multiple generations are encouraged (grandparents/aunts/uncles/cousins)!  These are popular as gifts for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Holiday Gifts or anytime during the year when all of the family is in the same spot at the same time for an event!  The session is 45-60 minutes at an outdoor/on location session.  I can certainly make suggestions on location, but please let me know if you already have a great spot in mind.


{mini sessions}
**retainer fee is in addition to the investment listed with each type of mini session.  mini session image quantity is listed, option to purchase additional images is available**

Milestone Mini | $50
8 high resolution images via digital download
20 minute studio session
child(ren) only
up to 2-3 outfits
print release
these sessions are great for updated yearly photos


Munchkin | $120
15 high resolution images via digital download

20 minute outdoor/on location family session
2 outfits if desired for children only
print release

session time scheduled around approximate sunset time



step 3: session takes place.  view and order appointment scheduled at this time.

*there is a $250 minimum order requirement with SIGNATURE sessions, digital files are included with this minimum. 

Mini Sessions receive 10% off a la carte.


step 4: view and order appointment. view your gallery of fully edited images and make purchase from the options below.


signature session collections

Collection One | $750
high resolution images
$300 wall print or gallery wrap credit
12 desk prints
3x3 brag books (3)
8x8 Signature Book

Personalized App
flash drive

20% off additional a la carte
{Savings of $310}


Collection Two | $580
high resolution images
$150 wall print or gallery wrap credit
12 desk prints
3x3 brag books (3)
16x20 Wall Print

Personalized App
flash drive

20% off additional a la carte
{Savings of $260}


Collection Three | $420
high resolution images
10 desk prints
16x20 Wall Print

Personalized App
{Savings of $150}


Collection Four | $350
high resolution images via digital download
10 desk prints

{Savings of $100}


Collection Five | $250
high resolution images via digital download


a la carte prints & products

prices subject to change without notice

desk prints

wallets $20

4x6      $20

5x7      $20

8x10    $20


mounted wall prints

wall prints 11x14 and larger are mounted for support

on a hard backing; great for framing without glass or

displaying on a plate stand

11x14       $25

16x20        $50

16x24       $60

24x36     $150

30x40     $175


gallery wraps

16x20 $80

16x24 $90

20x20 $95

20x24 $100

20x30 $110

24x30 $130

24x36 $150

30x40 $180


albums / books


(10 pages, 20 side spread)

8x8 album $240

8x8 book $120


10x10 album $280

10x10 book $160


12x12 album $340

12x12 book $210


additional digital files to mini session

1 $40

3 $65

5 $80


flash drive with purchased digital files




[more products are available]



more important information:

BOOKING YOUR SESSION:  Please keep in mind that weekend sessions do book quickly and are popular during late summer/fall, please book early to secure a weekend date if desired.

WEEKEND BOOKINGS: Weekend evenings (Friday/Saturday) are reserved for Munchkin Signature sessions only.  These are meant for a golden hour session (1-2 hours prior to sunset).  If child(ren) are  young and have a bedtime during this time, I will ask that they have a late nap, are fed and your arrival time is 15 minutes prior to the session, so they have time to wake if they've fallen asleep in transit.   Please keep in mind other activities planned during that day - it should be a low key day leading up to the session!

MINI SESSIONS:  Additional high resolutions images are available for purchase.

WEATHER: Sessions will not be cancelled because of a weather forecast. Sessions may be cancelled due to severe weather conditions and will only be cancelled by MM within 30-45 minutes of the session time (locations and times are subject to change pending travel times and local weather). Morning sessions will not be cancelled due to wet grounds.  Sessions are not cancelled to due cloudy skies or fog. However, please be mindful of the weather conditions for proper attire.

PREPPING FOR YOUR SESSION:  Need help coordinating your outfits for your portraits?  I have you covered!  I am able to help you chose from your current wardrobe or have great places to shop (online & in store).  Keep in mind - coordinating is better than matching :)  Please have your child(ren) rested, fed, dressed, clean face and diaper, if necessary, and ready to go for their session. If you’re planning on your child napping on the way to the session, please arrive early so your child has time to wake up. I ask that the child’s face be carefully looked at for any “leftovers” (milk mustaches, crumbs, etc.). Failing to do so could result in additional charges to remove any “preventable dirtiness”, upon request from the client during the editing process. This will also extend the length of time for receiving the completed gallery. If drooling is excessive from teething or child(ren) have runny noses due to a cold or cold weather is a factor, please come prepared to wipe faces. Check the temperature! If it’s between 60-70 degrees your child must have on a long sleeve shirt and/or layered with a sweater. I will no longer photograph children that are not dressed appropriately for the day of your session. Children do not cooperate if they are cold! Spring/Summer type clothing will only be photographed if the temperature at the time of the shoot is over 70 degrees. Typically, this falls within the first week of June.  I love hair that blows in the wind and across faces, this is not edited during the process and can be subject to additional charges.  Please empty your pockets of any bulky items (i.e. phones, wallets, keys, etc.), leave the sunglasses in the car and remove hair-ties from wrists. Please also bring chapstick and/or lip gloss along, chapped looking lips are no fun - rock that lipstick momma!  Clients are responsible for all location fees and permits.

PROPS: I supply props but, I welcome any props you may have. I am always open to new ideas! If you see something you like in any of the galleries, be sure to mention it before your session.

RETOUCHING IMAGES: Any retouching beyond the basic retouching we automatically do (blemishes, small facial scars, bruises) will be charged a fee of $20 per image. This includes removal of small logos/stain on shirts, removing any “preventable dirtiness”, shirt wrinkles, hair from face, etc.  

EQUIPMENT:  I take pride in my work and only shoot with top of the line equipment. I currently shoot with a Nikon D5, 35 1.4 and 70-200 2.8

TURNAROUND TIME: A view and order session will be scheduled 14-21 days after your session.


about me

I have the two best jobs in the world; I am a mother to three beautiful girls (4, 8 & 13) and I'm blessed to work with babies, children, families and extended families to create lifelong memories. I've grown up and currently reside in Waterford, Wisconsin. I've always had photography in my heart and I'm so happy that I can provide these memories to all my families that visit me.


Thanks for considering being a part of the Munchkin Moments family!


Have questions?  Go here to let me know and I'll be happy to get them answered for you!

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