Hello Friend!

Thanks so much for looking into me documenting your family. not only will we make awesome memories together, but timeless images as well.

if you are looking for photo journalistic images, you are in the right place :) I love capturing families playing, snuggling, being goofy and loving on each other. I will always do my best to get that one desired shot of everyone looking and smiling at me - ‘let’s do the grandma pose!’ :) Other than that Plan on snuggling, laughing, getting the BEST hugs EVER, dancing & signing. It all happens.

I have to admit it, I can no longer hide my feelings

I’m a Lover of light

sessions are scheduled prior to sunset, for…the light

The golden hour, or however you decide to describe it, it’s magic

the time frame of this will depend upon the season. I am open to sunrise sessions, but that depends on sunrise time.  I love all my people, but 6 a.m. is never good for anyone.

can’t wait to make some memories!

Please take some time to read through the following information as you prepare yours and you.

Prior to your session


Preparing your kids for our session as much as possible often takes the timidness out of the evening. Please make sure kids know that this is FUN!  I’m a huge fan of bribery…just agree, lol.

However, please don't bring snacks for bribing during the shoot.  Speaking of snacks, let’s talk faces.   I really (and I mean, really) don’t want to edit: dried milk, yogurt, chocolate.  You get the idea.  I REALLY do not like editing boogers.  Dried.on.crusty.boogers.  Get in there and clean out that nose, I’ll charge ya extra to edit it out.  Scratches (cool - ALWAYS before pictures, I get it), acne, etc.  That I’ll do my best on, but if there’s a big mark that you don’t want in your pictures, we’ll reschedule.


Big kids, hey, this is fun for you too!  Adulting can sometimes make or break your session, I want this to be fun for everyone and adults participating should WANT to be there - you’ll be happy you participated once you see your images.


What to Wear

Ah, the age old question always associated with photo shoots.  Here is my 2 cents:

Think layers. Probably the biggest difference between sessions that look great and sessions that look wow: little boys in a t-shirt, with a button up over it, suspenders, maybe with a blazer. Throw on a fun hat (bowler, fedora, stylish ball cap) and you're set! Little girls: same thing, leggings, fun skirt, tank with a sweater and a tasteful (not too big and overwhelming!) headband.  Because you are awesome and have a session with me, you have access to ________________

*Side note: Stay away from those waffle gerber daisy flower headbands, neon colors and mesh hats with rhinestones, they look dated and tend to take away from your little one's gorgeous features.  

Coordinate. As you think about your color palette, imagine your family being one complete piece of artwork. Each person/outfit will bring together a feeling of formality and coordination. Instead of everyone wearing the same shade of blue - think about what accent colors might look nice with said blue. Perhaps blue plaid shorts for your son with a t-shirt, vest and hat. Pull some of the colors of his plaid shorts to find a great skirt or dress for your little girl. Dad can wear some jeans and a shirt that coordinates with the plaid shorts and skirt on your daughter, and finish it off with an awesome jacket and fedora. Mom will round the entire family out with some great boots, leggings and darling dress that (again) coordinates with the family color story.

Head to toe. Remember to dress down to you and your family's feet! No scuffed Reeboks for boys, but fun shoes like Converse, "boat" shoes, or boots. Same for girls, more traditional Mary Janes or boots work best!

What NOT to wear. Remember that Olan Mills look of everyone in khakis + white button down shirts? That isn’t the kind of matching I’d like you to do. Again, think coordinating without matching perfectly. 

Men - instead of defaulting to a plain ole polo - look for fun colors, stripes, plaids. Texture photographs amazingly. Get creative!

The day of your session


Just a few thoughts on your kids + the big day!

I mentioned bribery. Love it! Keep in mind that most bribery snacks make messes and have dye in them to change your kids' mouths. Usually this backfires and all they want to do is eat instead of pay attention to me. I suggest keeping the goodies in your bag or car until after we’ve finished.

Please make sure your children go to the bathroom before leaving and clean those faces.

Sessions with younger children (18 months and under) typically last one hour. If your little one isn't accustomed to staying up until sunset, please adjust their naps as best you can, and rest assured that one night of staying up past their bedtime will be just fine as we will actually be having fun (I promise!)

With your older child, please don't say, "That's not your REAL smile". I know what a real smile looks like, so even if I'm snapping away, I'm just trying to loosen up your son/daughter! I promise I won't be giving you cheesy smiles for your finished gallery 

As with any age, I take my time and do my best to allow your kids to feel comfortable around me and know we are going to have a blast!

Mom & Dad

During the shoot, if you are not in the picture, please let me interact with your child, unless I ask for help! Many parents will stand behind me trying to get their babies' attention and all it does is distract baby from me!  I like to give the little ones a chance to just play with me, so it's okay if they aren't giving big smiles right off the bat. Trust me and trust the process.  Mom and dad, as you focus on your children, don’t forget about yourself!  Keep your posture good as well as ensuring your chin doesn’t pull in, this allows for the most flattering images.  Something else to keep in mind is to be watchful of your own expression as you’re trying to get baby to smile. Remember you are in the photos as well!  Rest assured I’ll be watching all of you and will definitely let you know if I see something out of place or looking off.


A quick but important note: if the weather turns out warmer/cooler than you anticipated when putting together outfits, please adjust what everyone is wearing. Doing a session when it's sweltering and kids are over dressed is never fun. Likewise, if a cold front comes through unexpectedly, please put sweaters on your children, as I can't photoshop out goose bumps and blue lips. I will most likely cut sessions short if I think the kids are too cold/overheated.

In case of rain...I don’t pay much attention to the weather, it’s always changing.  I call the sessions no sooner than 45 minutes prior to the session, sun usually follows the rain. 


Just as important as the weather is that everyone being photographed be feeling 100%. There isn’t anything worse than an unhappy and sick feeling child - they especially do not want to be in front of a camera. 

At the first sign that your kids aren’t well, please let me know.

If your little one brings along a "lovie" (stuffed animal, blanket, etc.) I’d love to use some time at the end to capture some memories with that special piece of their childhood!

I am honored to be able to photograph your family and I look forward to the fun we will have! Thanks for taking the time to best prepare for your session, it will be amazing.